Echoes of the Past

by LaJoyce Martin
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A proud, self-centered young lady...
That describes Miss Annabeth Crossley. Reared by three adoring spinster aunts in the little village of Sandy Cove, she is both spoiled and spiteful.

Then she goes to the city to live with Mrs. Dereckson, who is no relation to her. There she meets Sophia King, a gentle, loving lass quite the opposite of Annabeth.

Confessing her past to Sophia -the fact that she broke a good man's heart- Annabeth cannot keep her long-held bitterness from coming to the fore.

Then the two make a trip back to Sandy Cove for a vacation, and Annabeth's old beau, Leonard Walters, shows up. He is attracted to Sophia for her kindness, her beauty, and her loving nature.

Will the restless and unhappy Annabeth ever have peace? We know there is only one Savior, but she must find Him for herself.

Will she?