Double Blessings

by LaJoyce Martin
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The prize for first place is a silver Waterbury pocket watch... Mr. Frederick, the teacher at Bonham High School, sponsors an ice-skating contest on a small lake near the village. Excitement runs high.

Predictions as to the winner center on two young men, both in the senior class. One is Leroy Curtis, a struggling widow's son and the school janitor. The other is Randall Dunn, the bank president's proud prodigy.

Through unfair mean, Randall wins. Considering himself quite superior to the 'poor boy,' Randall taunts Leroy mercilessly, also vying for the attention of Darlene Grant, the school sweetheart. The girl has shown a preference for Leroy Curtis, who stands tall in honesty and integrity.

A 'double blessing' is in store for someone. Can you guess who?