Discipled Together

by Brandon Cremeans
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Think about the classical ways we evangelize: what if we implement some additional principals that focus on building relationships? Not only sharing the truths of the gospel but also embodying the gospel in and through relationships. What if just one of those relationships becomes discipleship? That’s what this book is about: following Jesus to become fishers of men. What if we invest first in relationships, sharing life’s meaningful experiences and encouraging others through a life of service? If done in unison with Christ, and with a pure heart, a disciple will emerge with little effort. Discipleship happens organically by spending meaningful time with others.

“Every writer endeavoring to author a book is faced with an intimidating task of presenting material that captivates the attention of the reader from foreword until the final period of the final chapter. Brandon Cremeans has found his way of presenting his story in a way that captures your mind but also invites you to walk his journey in his footsteps. Every reader will hear his voice, share in his experiences, and partake in his mistakes and will read every paragraph knowing he has presented real-life experiences without compromising his integrity, uniqueness, authenticity, and individuality. Dive into his story with an opened mind and heart and leave with a treasure that cannot be measured.” - André J. Carroll

"Discipled Together was a life-changing book for me. Growing up in church sometimes we miss what it means to make disciples. It is easy to get stuck in how many were baptized and filled with God's Spirit when in reality our call from God goes deeper than just bringing someone to church and preaching to them. As you will find out in this book discipleship at the core is genuine friendships with people while living life and allowing them to see Jesus through you. I highly recommend you pick up this book and let's go be Discipled Together." - Dustin Damesworth

"I felt like I was talking to a friend. It felt authentic and real. It felt challenging in real-life areas that we don’t often think about discipleship. It really brought to life something I think we all know in the back of our head, but because it’s so “uncommon” in the church, we don’t practice it. And it really convicted me!

It makes the reader kind-of re-evaluate their current stance on discipleship and think in real-life terms instead of Sunday-school or “church walls” terms.

If someone wants to be EFFECTIVE, this is the advice to follow without a doubt. Beautifully written. Five stars. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️" - Andrea Jaimes

"Discipled Together is well-written and keeps you engaged as it introduces you to its principles; with this book, you feel the author's sincerity and transparency. You relate and realize the necessity to unleash your God-given potential as you apply the principles." - Lewis F. Cremeans