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Devote365 2.0

by Youth Ministries
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Comprised of 365 individual devotions written by experienced and called laborers, Devote365 2.0 calls us to pray, listen, be holy, give, serve, and be a witness in our world. Each devotion is accompanied by a Scripture reading, theme, focus verse, and a place to write notes.

Over the years, many youth and young adults have shared with me their difficulty in understanding the Bible and applying it to their lives. Devote 365 2.0 was developed for youth and young adults who are looking for practical assistance in being disciples of Jesus Christ. This daily devotional will allow you to read, process, and engage with 365 new devotionals inspired by the Word of God. Time spent in the Scripture is time spent with God. Since our purpose at UPCI Youth Ministries is to “Educate and Engage,” I’m challenging you to lay down any distractions and spend some focused time with this book each day.

Joshua B. Carson
General Youth President, UPCI