Daily Things of Christian Living - The Leader's Guide

by Carlton L. Coon Sr
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Certainty is liberating and empowering. But, do you know the misery of lacking direction – even in Christian living? The New Testament suggests seven daily tasks for us to accomplish.

 That helps me! Most of us are energized by knowing of specific assignments we must complete. Your impact will multiply as you accomplish each of these seven things.

  • No Daily Thing requires you to be a Super-Christian.

  • No task wastes time. On the contrary, each of the seven things makes a difference – for you and others.

  • Practical suggestions will help complete each Daily Thing. One pre-release reader called Daily Things of Christian Living, a practical handbook on serving Christ. 

Imagine beginning each day without uncertainty. Knowing what duties you need to accomplish for Jesus. You can! Practice the Daily Things of Christian Living to experience a thrilling life.