Camp Harmony (Teacher Manual) (KPH)

by Kids Power Hour
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Howdy, pardner! Welcome to Camp Harmony, where kids can horse around, outdraw the sheriff, and learn to lasso their spirits with self-control. Sheriff Text and his sidekick, Jake, help the cowhands get Ready to Ride, and lead them On the Prayer Trail. Along the way the characters teach the cowhands how to Hold Your Horses!

Camp Harmony (revised 2013)
Décor: Western
Characters: Sheriff Text, Jake, the greenhorn

Unit One: Ready to Ride (The Holy Ghost)
1. Cool, Clear Water (Jesus at the Feast)
2. Gear for the Night (Lazarus Raised from the Dead)
3. Back in the Saddle (Peter, a New Man)
4. Branded! (Peter and John Thrown in Jail)
Unit Two: On the Prayer Trail (Prayer)
5. Meet the Trail Boss (Abraham Goes Camping)
6. Outfitted for the Ride (The Christian’s Armor)
7. Riding the Trail (David, a Man after God’s Heart)
8. Join the Prayer Posse (Job Prays for His Friends)
Unit Three: Hold Your Horses (Self-Discipline)
9. Whoa! Wait for Orders! (Crossing the Red Sea)
10. Around the Campfire (Israel in the Wilderness)
11. An Outlaw Gang (Korah Rebels Against Moses)
12. Lasso That Temper! (Moses Loses Control)
13. Snakes in the Camp (The Brazen Serpent)