Búsqueda de la Verdad 2: Gráfico pequeños (8.5x11)

by Word Aflame Press
Word Aflame Press
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Mini, spiral-bound, four-color chart for use with the Search for Truth #2 home Bible study is 8 1/2' x 11' in size. Containing 12 intricate lessons, this home Bible study begins with an introduction to the Bible, describes the beginning of time and God's covenant with man, follows God's people through the wilderness and dividing and restoration of the nation; and then introduces the student to the New Testament with Christ's New Covenant, the gospel, the history of the church, and ends with the end time prophecy and the glorious future of the church. Each lessons concludes with a quiz for the student. The four-color charts offer the student 80 attention-grabbing, updated pictures and are available in two different sizes.