Building A Tabernacle of Prayer

by David Huston
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The Tabernacle complex built by Moses serves today as a road map into the Presence of God, not only when a person initially comes to God, but also in a believer’s daily devotions. The Tabernacle itself represents the place of the Divine Presence. In order to get into that place where spiritual intimacy and powerful prayer are possible, we must begin at the gate, which represents praise. Daily devotions must begin with praise!

From the gate we go to the altar where we offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. This is where we say, “Not my will, but thy will be done.” From the altar we go to the laver, which is the place of cleansing. Here we search our hearts and confess our sins, washing ourselves in the water of the Word. At this point we are ready to receive the anointing.

Before the priests entered the Tabernacle for ministry, they stood before the door while as much as five quarts of anointing oil were poured over them. Whenever we take the time to praise God with our whole heart, to offer ourselves to Him as servants of His will, and to cleanse ourselves of all unrighteousness, we should then expect a bountiful anointing to come. Only then we will be able to pray with power and efficacy in the Presence of the Supreme God, Jesus Christ.

This guide will provide you with spiritual words as you enter into His holy Presence. Don’t just read the words under each heading, but pray the words. After doing this for awhile, the words will enter into your spirit and you will no longer need the guide. This booklet comes with a CD where the author explains how to use the guide. We give a copy of the CD and booklet to every new believer. We have them to be the most useful tools we have ever found for helping saints develop a powerful and consistent prayer life.