Building a Church at the Seat of Satan

by John & Marilyn McDonald
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"The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us." Never were these words any truer than when we had embarked on a personal journey to do the will of God, and to build a church for His Kingdom. God had led us to a place in Eureka, California, only to discover soon after our arrival, that this place was heavily occupied in the unseen world, by Satan and his principalities. We definitely were not welcome there, and very soon the battle began. Not with flesh and blood, but rather between the powers of darkness and the children of light. Through our whole journey of ministry experiences we found out that God's Grace will sustain us in any trial or test, until the battles are won. The come-along-with-us book will encourage and strengthen you, in your own journey as you, too, endeavor to do the Will of God.