Better after Burnout

by Jathan Maricelli
Word Aflame Press
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 I WAS DONE. I DIDN’T KNOW IT, BUT I WAS DONE. My church was struggling, and I was hurt about that. Why wasn’t God giving me growth? My son was sick, and every seizure was a gut punch. I was hurt about that. Our personal finances were being pummeled by doctor bills, I was physically exhausted from working long hours with too little recovery time, and my most reliable source of replenishment had been taken away. When a person is behind the curve on multiple fronts, it is nearly impossible to be spiritually, physically, or emotionally replenished. And without replenishment, no matter how strong or how full we once were, our engine will burn out . . .

THIS IS A STORY of one leader who experienced burnout, picked up the pieces, and got back up again. But it isn’t just a story of burnout. It’s a story of hope. It’s a story where God steps in and reminds us He is for us. And it serves as a reminder to anybody burning the candle at both ends that at some point, we need to take time to rest. When we do so, we might discover that better lies on the other side of burnout.