Because I Belong to Jesus - Ebook

by Lee Ann Alexander
Word Aflame Press
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We often hear Scripture quoted, “Be ye holy; for I am holy” (I Peter 1:16). But have you ever wondered, How are we actually supposed to do that? And what’s more, how do we teach our kids about it?

Some may think of holiness simply as a set of rules to follow, a checkthe-box method of trying to please God. But what if we viewed it in the context of a relationship? And not just the relationship of friends who walk together, but in a way that is more true to the core teaching of the Bible, of being in a covenant relationship with our Creator. We belong to Him.

Often, the first place children learn about holiness is in the home. The seven short lessons in this book are crafted to help parents and guardians build on that framework, helping them guide conversations about holiness with their children. These lessons will help children become grounded in Apostolic doctrine from a young age and help them understand that holiness begins in the heart. While the lessons are designed primarily for parents and guardians of children between the ages of five and eleven, Sunday school teachers will also find the material helpful to incorporate into classroom discussions.

Lessons include:
  • God’s Love and the Gospel
  • The New Birth and Belonging to Jesus
  • Holiness of the Heart
  • Our Bodies and Gender Distinction
  • Modesty
  • Holy Minds and Media
  • What’s Next