BECAUSE: A Youth Study

by Melinda Poitras
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You’ve all heard it…. “Because I said so!” It's a phrase uttered by mothers (and others with authority) around the globe. It is technically an answer, of course, but falls short of being a satisfactory one.

When it comes to matters of doctrine and faith, a 'because I said so' answer will not do. We must understand why we speak, act, and live righteously. There is a right way, and we can know it is best, just because He said so.

Help your youth understand “Why”

This book is a great conversation starter for use in Sunday School classes or as a youth Bible Study series. It will get them thinking about , and perhaps more importantly, talking about why Christians are called to live differently than the broader surrounding culture. And it doesn’t mince words.

At the end of each chapter there are study questions to help you capture, on a single page, some of the key ideas brought out in the chapter. This will help their retention and make it easier to go back and refresh their memory at a glance.