Be Anxious For Nothing

by Gayla Baughman
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Help! I can’t control my feelings; my emotions are unpredictable; I feel vulnerable and fragile. Sometimes the tunnel seems dark and I can’t see my way. I need a light!

May the gems of truth collected in this book be a valued guide when you have lost your way.   In each section there are encouraging words from the Holy Bible, selected Scripture verses to speak to your need when you experience emotional, mental, or physical challenges. God’s Word will be a light in the dark, a comfort when you are unconsolable, and bring peace in the midst of your storm. 

Think of each passage of Scripture as a daily dose of a spiritual prescription. Take as needed and carefully follow its directions. It is perfectly safe to use this book as a supplement every day and, may I warn you, the side effects are always positive. This book was designed from my heart seeking God’s heart with you in mind.