Barren: Infertility, Grief, and Mustard Seed Faith

by Rosa L. MIller
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'I had to walk along my journey to be able to share my testimony to someone whose story is still being written.' (Rosa Miller) Rosa details a very personal and inspiring memoir through her and her husband's experience to grow in faith and family. If you are expecting perfection, you will not find it here. You will only find shades of yourself and tools to help. We were never meant to be perfect and faith is not belief without doubt. It is belief despite doubt, trial, failings, suffering, naysayers, and circumstances-life. And this is very much the story of life. We know these walls of reality. Faith is strengthened by the unchanging decision we make on a day-to-day basis to follow through. With grace, determination, and a very human nature, we see the journey of one little seed of faith as it faces the lifestyle that is infertility. We listen as it is tried and found wanting. Listen as it flexes and grows. Here is the hope you were looking for. The voice to give you support, in experience, story, scripture, and insight, to guide you on your path. The equivalent of the call in the wee hours to the friend who gets you. The solace to tie your sanity to. Some answers in the dark. You are never alone.