As the Tide Turns

by LaJoyce Martin
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Josephine Ross, better known as Aunt Josie, is woefully taken advantage of by her sister, Lucinda, and a very spoiled niece, Nora. They expect her to do all the servile work-the canning, sewing, mending, and cellar cleaning- and to stay quietly at home while they go to the seaside for a vacation.

To run away from a 'backwoods cousin,' who sends a message he is coming for a visit, Lucinda, and Nora hurry away ahead of schedule. This leaves Josephine to see to the soon-arriving 'country bumpkin.'

However, things turn out a lot differently when the cousin, Reuben Morrison, and Aunt Josie show up at the ritzy Claremore Hotel, where the runaway relatives are staying...

You will like the way the tide turns for 'Miss Joseph.'