Apostolic Handbook Series Complete Set (8 count)

by Word Aflame Press
Word Aflame Press
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Somewhere between a verse-by-verse commentary and the Apostolic Study Bible, the eight volumes in the Apostolic Handbook Series bring a two- to four-thousand-year-old text to life with fresh application to our lives and the church today. You will find insights on the culture, language, and history of Israel, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the church of the first century, thoroughly grounded by Apostolic writers.

This complete set includes all eight hardback Handbooks:

  • Handbook on the Historical Books

  • Handbook on the Book of Acts

  • Handbook on the Epistles of Paul

  • Handbook on the Gospels

  • Handbook on the Pentateuch

  • Handbook on the General Epistles and Revelation

  • Handbook on the Psalms and Wisdom Literature

  • Handbook on the Prophets