by Nathan and Ashley Whitley
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Young adults aged 18-30 live in the gray area of life. They aren’t necessarily considered a teenager and part of the youth group, but they may still have friends and enjoy activities with that group. Some are 25, have a college degree, but still live with their parents. Some are on college campuses, while others are full-time in the work force. Some are single , while others are in serious relationships. Legally, they are adults, but they're still figuring out this confusing thing called life. They are Adult-ish.

Between the ages of 18-30 are when the most crucial life decisions are made. We expect this age group to just "get it" by the time they graduate high school. Unfortunately, this unrealistic expectation causes many of our young adults to feel lost and inadequate, and in turn, they fall through the cracks of our churches and life groups.

Adult-ish: 30-ish Lessons on Life, Relationships, Calling and Being a Christian, is a guide book for those who are becoming adults. This guide's purpose is to teach how to seize opportunities, know your calling, form relationships, and help you become an "Adult" Christian.