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The Living Word Series Adult Hardbound Vol 3 Sept 2020- Aug 2021

by Word Aflame Press
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The newly designed hardcover version of the Adult Lesson Manual contains all the lessons in the quarterly softcover Adult Teacher’s Manuals for the entire curriculum year: Fall – Summer. Lessons will carry students on a journey through the Scripture, challenging students to apply principles of the Word to their lives as we seek to live out our faith as disciples of Jesus Christ. It is aligned with the children’s levels to study the same section of Scripture each quarter over a six-year through-the-Bible

This book will be a valuable, permanent reference for years to come. Available only in standard print. The hardcover book may be purchased with the accompanying Dropcard as a set at a discounted price. All lessons contained in the Hardcover book are provided on a Dropcard for the teacher’s convenience. Each quarterly Lesson Manual is provided on the drive as a PDF file. In addition, each lesson of each quarter is provided as a Microsoft Word document. The Word documents allow teachers to customize each lesson to include anecdotes, illustrations, and additional reference material to fit the teacher’s style of teaching as well as to meet the specific needs of a class.

Scope and Sequence:

Fall – Daniel, I & II Timothy, Nehemiah
Winter – I John, I & II Timothy, Minor Prophets
Spring – Revelation, Minor Prophets
Summer – Pastoral Epistles, Minor Prophets