Walking with Him: 52 Devotions through Luke and Acts

by James A Littles Jr.
Word Aflame Press
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Can you imagine what it must have been like to be one of the disciples? Having the opportunity to walk in step with Jesus, to watch as He interacted with people, and to listen as He taught? While we do not have that same privilege to walk with Him physically, we can journey with Him daily through prayer and devotion. Walking with Him will help you breathe fresh life into your devotions with its intimate study of Jesus’ earthly ministry as recorded in Luke and Acts.

Join Jim Littles in this enriching—and at times challenging—devotional resource. With a contemporary opener for each chapter, a deep dive into a selected chapter of Luke and Acts, and suggested prayer prompts, you’ll have a trustworthy guide to take you into the pages of Scripture and along the footsteps of Jesus. As you journey, your time with Him will call you into a season of personal transformation and growth.