A Thread of Hope

by LaJoyce Martin
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It looks as if old Mr. Frank Calloway hasn't much longer to live. For many years, he has grieved for his son, who was abducted from the home while only a child. Is the boy yet alive? Mr. Calloway refuses to relinquish that thread of hope.

Living with the wealthy Mr. Calloway are his brother's son, Dilbert, and Beatrice, whom he adopted when his sister passed away but with no blood ties to the family. Dilbert has designs on the inheritance and goes to great means to accomplish his goals. One of his schemes is to marry Beatrice.

However, Beatrice is not agreeable to the plan. Her failure to comply causes her to be driven from the home to rely on her own resources.

Is Mr. Calloway's son still in the land of the living? Will he be reunited with his ailing father before the old man takes to his grave? Many things are against the reunion, including the conniving nephew Dilbert.