A Fruitful Life: Teacher Manual (KPH)

by Kids Power Hour
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Teach about the fruit of the Spirit with A Fruitful Life, and catch a few BUGs (children Being Unusually Good). The BUG Catcher program accents positive behavior, and hopefully, eliminates the negatives, which is what the fruit of the Spirit is all about. Your students will enjoy the sights, sounds, and especially the tastes in the King's Orchard. In addition to lessons for a full 13-week quarter, A Fruitful Life contains suggestions for use as a vacation Bible school program.
Animated songs on the resource DVD (sold separately) help children learn songs about the fruit of the Spirit, plus it contains full-color printable resources such as posters, stickers, room decorations and teaching supplements.
A CD of the music (with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions) is also available. To utilize this curriculum to its fullest, order A Fruitful Life's Manual and DVD combo pack today!

Décor: Orchard
Character: Nelson, a wannabe horticulturist

Hour 1 The Spirit in Me
Hour 2 The Fruit of the Spirit
Hour 3 Love Branches Out
Hour 4 Sprouts of Joy
Hour 5 Plant Peace
Hour 6 Produce Patience
Hour 7 Pick Kindness
Hour 8 Grow Goodness
Hour 9 Fruit of Faithfulness
Hour 10 Harvest of Humility
Hour 11 Controlled Growth
Hour 12 Bearing Fruit
Hour 13 Walking in the Spirit