A Fruitful Life - CD - Kids Power Hour

by Kids Power Hour
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Teach about the fruit of the Spirit with 'A Fruitful Life'. While this CD is entertaining by itself, it is intended to supplement the 'A Fruitful Life's Teaching Manual'. It features thirteen fresh, new songs to help your children learn and remember the fruit of the Spirit. The songs are also available in an animated DVD format. To utilize this curriculum to its fullest, order A Fruitful Life's Manual, DVD, and CD today!
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Songs include: The Holy Ghost in Me * The Lord's Fruit Troop * Love Makes the World Go 'Round * Joy * Peace Down in My Heart * Longsuffering * To Be Kind * I Want to Be Good * Faithful and True * I Will Brag on God * Help Me, Lord * A Fruitful Life * Walk in the Spirit

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