7 Levels of Spiritual Maturity

by Anita Sargeant
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“Many books are written describing in detail a particular aspect of life or ministry, but none have undertaken the task of encapsulating a blueprint for life and ministry in its entirety with such quality, depth, and clarity. With the use of Scripture and a lifetime of experience, Anita Sargeant brings the reader from the simplest state of life to the most desired goal of obtaining a mature and effective ministry, as well as a deep walk with our Savior Jesus Christ.” (Rev. J. Tyler Thomas)

“Whatever you really give your attention to, you become. Whatever you really concentrate upon will come into your life! We grow into the thing that fills our thoughts, as inevitably as the stream merges into the ocean at last. Look where you are going because you will inevitably go where you are looking. Where your attention is, there is your destiny. Attention is the key to life.” (Rev. Lee Stoneking)