40 Days of Faith: Change your spiritual life in 40 Days!

by Benjamin L. Reynolds
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40 Days of Faith is a devotional for anyone who desires a closer relationship with Christ and an outpouring of His anointing. Each time a person spent forty days praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord they came out of that period spiritually stronger and anointed. The same can happen with you as you go through the forty individual days of reading and prayer along with one day of fasting each week that are laid out in this book. Each daily reading includes a carefully selected scripture along with an explanation of that particular verse. Each week in the 40 Days of Faith has a particular theme to help the reader focus on specific area. The six themes are:

• Week 1 - Prayer
• Week 2 - Knowing God
• Week 3 - The Holy Spirit
• Week 4 - Salvation
• Week 5 - Intercession
• Week 6 - Holiness

This is structured program which requires daily discipline and faithfulness and will produce daily results. By the end of the forty-day period, your faith will be greatly increased and you will experience a closer relationship with Christ. You will also see an increase in your effectiveness in prayer and knowledge of God's Word. Prepare to walk with the Lord each day and have him walk with you.