2024 Arise and Go BQ Study Guide

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The God who spoke to Peter, and Paul, and Philip, and even Ananias is still speaking today to, “Arise and go.”

The 2024 ARISE AND GO Bible Quizzing Study Guide is a must-have for every quizzer! Developed by the National Bible Quizzing Director, Russ Faubert, it includes the materials of study for both Intermediate and Experienced quizzers and is intentionally designed to enhance a quizzer’s study efforts. Not only will they be better prepared for competition, but the Study Guide will also help each quizzer better comprehend the course of study. Reaffirming the desire to not just create great quizzers but to create lifelong disciples.

Key features include:
· Insights from the Apostolic Study Bible and other Apostolic commentary resources
· Color coding that calls out words and phrases that are mentioned in one, two, and three verses throughout the course of study
· Key phrases and their cross references
· Designations for unique verse beginnings and questions
· Additional prompts that will further aid a quizzer’s study efforts