2019 General Conference Drop Card

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Seminar Sessions included on this Dropcard.

Angels - Eli Hernandez
Apostolic Entrepreneurs and LifeSprings Ventures - Stephen Drury
Apostolic Parenting - 'Rachel Coltharp '
Apostolic Writer’s Training - Robin Johnston and Everett Gossard
Assimilation - Tim Zuniga
Being Apostolic in Church in a Non-Apostolic World - Jack Cunningham
Building an Apostolic Church - Mark Morgan
Endtime - Irvin Baxter
Explaining Short-Term Missions - Jim Poitras
Gold from the Fire - Mike Easter
GoNEXT Kids - Angie Clark and Ashton Loyd
Healing Distressed Relationships - Brian Allard
Hosting a VBS That Impacts Your Community - Elizabeth Loyd
How Launch Can Assist Church Planters - Jimmy Toney
How to Teach Exploring God’s Word - Marrell Cornwell
Ignorance Is More Harmful Than Racism - Brocc Chavis with panel: Alonzo Terry and Kenneth Stewart
Intentional Innovation and Strategy - Chris and Angie Canter
Leadership and Prayer - Raymond Woodward
Let's Build - Janice Sjostrand
Managing Change - Darrell Johns
Master Class Piano - Brandon Cowden
Object Lessons - Philip Wagoner
OCA Chaplaincy - Sidney Poe
Parenting PKs - Terry Shock
Parenting Young Children - Mitchell Bland
Practical Tools for Apostolic Growth - Jeff Harpole
Praying for Others to Receive the Holy Ghost - Charles Robinette
Preachers under 40 - Victor Jackson
Prophetic Prayer - Flo Shaw
Resources to Reach a Diverse Community - Michael Mitchell and Melvin Gray
Spiritual Formation - Jim Littles
Starting a Deaf Ministry in Your Local Church - Wesley Swanson
Starting a Singles Ministry in Your Local Church or District - Cheryl Carter
The Amazing Power of Words - Thetus Tenney
The Evangelist Ministry - Doug Klinedinst
The Role and Responsibility of K-12 Christian Education - Devereaux A. Lloyd
UPCI Loan Fund Investment and Loan Options - Stephen Drury and Bryan Barton
UPCI Music Ministry - Jeromy Hoffee
Where Is God When It Hurts: Learning from Loss - Sylvia Clemons
Women and Writing - Melody Reever
Worship Leading as Pastoral Care - Joshua B. Carson