2017 GC - GC Drop Card

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This Dropcard contains audio of the following Seminar Sessions from General Conference 2017

AIM Training and Global ConNEXTions - Jim Poitras and Barron Longstreth
Apostolic Youth Corps/Next Steps - Seneatha Clayton and Jim Poitras
Breathe. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat. - Wanda Chavis
Campus Ministry International/ Project 7 (Bible Clubs) - Kaleb Saucer and Johnathan Nazarian
Children's Ministry for Everyone - Lloyd Squires
Church Loan Fund Investments - Stephen Drury
Church Loans - Bryan Barton & Stephen Drury
Church Procedures - Raul Orozco
Cities Matter to God - Bill Hobson
Discipleship Strategies: A Vision for More Than New Believer Care - David K. Bernard
Growing Up in Prayer - Colleen Clabaugh
HOPE - Adena Pedigo
How to Use Loops, Tracks, and Ableton - Jeremy Guzman
Hyphen - Kristin Keller
I Smile Because I Don't Know What I'm Doing - Donna Linville
Merging: Developing a Multicultural Church - Ryan Allmon and Panel
Missionaries Sharing Their Stories - Bryan Abernathy and Panel
New Metrics for Disciples: Becoming a Disciple Maker - Stan Gleason
New Repertoire Class - Kevin Howard
Pastors in Chinese Evangelism and Discipleship - Bruce Howell, Roger Buckland, and Lynden Shalm
Pastors in India Evangelism and Discipleship - Bruce Howell and Lynden Shalm
Prayer Evangelism - Phillip Hofstetter
Presenting our Lifestyle Convictions - Raymond Woodward
Reaching the Muslim Community - Don Hanscom
Securing the Future - Aubrey Jayroe and Brad Jacobs
Steps to a Deeper Prayer Life - Lisa Marshall
Supernatural Prayer Anointing - Flo Shaw
The Benefits of Planting a Daughter Work - Scott Armstrong
The Evangelist Experience - Tim Greene
The Importance and Benefits of Pastoral Sabbaticals - Lorin Bradbury and Danny Russo
The Power of Friendship - T. F. and Thetus Tenney
The Power of Music - Stan Gleason
The Role of the UPC in Bible Prophecy - Irvin Baxter
Today's Christian Girl - Debbie Sanders
UPCI Music Ministry- Jeromy Hoffee and Jared Wood
Women in Global Missions - Angie Clark and Cylinda Nickel
Writing Songs and Sharing Stories - Various MyHopeRadio Artists