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195 eBooks on History, Theology, Bible and Doctrine - PDF on DVD

by Don C. Modarelli
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Some of these amazing titles include such useful texts as...
Baptism (17 eBooks)
The Evils of Infant Baptism ~ History of Infant Baptism ~ History of Anti-Pedo Baptism ~ Infant Sprinkling vs Christian Immersion ~ The Word Baptizo Defined
Church History (30 Books)
A Dictionary of Christian Biography ~ Christianity in Early Britain ~ Historical Presentation of Augustinism and Pelagianism ~ Manual of Church History Vol 1-2 ~ Belief of the First 3 Centuries ~ A Text-Book of the History of Doctrines Vol 1-2
Cults and Sects (33 eBooks)
Donatists - Campbellism - Nestorius - Arians - Gnostics ~ Church Corrupters in Apostolic Age ~ Connections of Sabellianism ~ Historical Account of Every Sect ~ The Early Conflicts of Christianity
Philosophy (54 eBooks)
An Examination of Moral Good and Evil ~ Does God Send Trouble ~ Lifes Dark Problems ~ Mans Responsibility ~ Whatever Is - Is Right ~ Satan as a Moral Philosopher ~ Treatise of Satans Temptations
Rare English Bible Translation (13 eBooks)
Chronological Bible for Children ~ Greek-English Lexicon by Bullinger ~ Scofield Reference Bible ~ The Companion Bible - Both Complete!
Scripture (27 eBooks)
A Help to Understand Mis-Translated Passages in our Bible ~ Alleged Disagreement Between Paul and James ~ Granville Sharps Rule ~ The Last Twelve Verses of Mark - Burgon ~ On Use of Jehovah and Elohim ~ The RV and the Deity of Christ
Trinitarianism (21 eBooks)
Dialogue between a Jew and a Christian ~ Only Begotten God ~ History of Development of Doctrine of the Person of Christ Vol 1-3 ~ Some Account of the Origin and Progress of Trinitarian Theology ~ The Word was Fully GOd ~ The Word was Like God