1. Install GoodNotes onto your iPad

GoodNotes is available on the App Store and Android store.

2. Create template pages

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Select Notebook Templates

Add the cover template page

Click the cover page image on the left, then Import > From Files.

Locate the Templates folder in your downloads.

Select the cover file from the Cover folder.

This will import the cover into your notebook template.

Once the cover has imported, select it on your screen.

Add page templates

Click on the blank page image on the right, then Import > From Files.

Add all template pages from the Templates folder.

You should now have six page templates imported.

Click Done

3. Add the planner

Click the + icon, then Import.

Select the file Adult Digital Planner 20201 from your downloads.

Your planner is now ready for use.

Adding additional pages into your planner

You may wish to add additional pages in your planner, such as a prayer journal page, or dream page. Follow these steps:

Go to the area of the journal you wish to add a page to.

Click the page icon with the plus sign.

Choose the page template from the options that appear. This will add the new page after the page you are currently on.

Using the planner

To navigate through the planner, simply click on the various text elements. If you click on a link, such as a month tab, and it doesn’t take you to that page, it may be a current setting in your GoodNotes app. Depending on your setup, you may need to hold the text link for a moment until the Open Link option appears. This may also happen if you are in the edit (pencil/text writing) mode. Simply click the pencil icon on the upper right (this will be a pencil with a line through it.) This will take you back to navigation mode.

To write in your planner, click the pencil icon in the upper right (this will a pencil with a swirl around it.) This will take you out of navigation mode, and into edit mode. You may write directly on your screen with an Apple pencil or your finger, or use the text option to add a text box to an area of the planner and type in that box with the keypad.

GoodNotes provides many online videos and help pages for using additional functionality such as bookmarks, sharing, backing up your files, etc. Please note, if you delete your planner and add it again, any content in your original planner will also be lost and will not transfer to the new planner copy.

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