Dad Thoughts

by Scott Graham
Word Aflame Press
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At the start of 2013, Scott Graham decided to give his graduating children a special gift, something they could hold on to for years to come. That year he began to read the Bible through in ninety days. Each day he read three passages. Day one started in Genesis, Job, and Matthew and progressed until the last day when he read the end of Esther, Malachi, and Revelation. He chose a daily passage from each of those sections to spotlight. From the selected verse(s) he has written “Dad Thoughts.”

As graduates embark on their journey to adulthood, these nuggets of spiritual truth are meant to encourage and direct the reader to walk through life using Scripture, and fatherly wisdom, as a guide. With the turn of every page, we pray the voice of God declares, “I love you. I am with you. Go change the world!”