Ministerial Development - Praying with Seekers - Lesson 18 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 18. Praying with Seekers
A. Importance, Luke 11:9-13
B. Qualifications
1. Prayer life
2. Burden for souls
3. Sensitivity to the Spirit
4. Considerate of others
5. Faith
6. Knowledge and Instruction
C. Inviting Seekers
1. Rely on Word and Spirit, not pressure or gimmicks
2. Do you feel the Lord here today?
3. Would you like to come with me to pray?
4. Would you like for me to pray with you here?
5. Respond gracefully to refusals: I understand. I'll be praying for you.
D. Guiding Seekers
1. Discern their situation
a. Ask someone who knows
b. Talk with them if necessary
2. Avoid distracting practices
3. Lead to repentance
a. Allow time for repentance
b. Pray in the seeker's position
4. Inspire faith
a. When repentance has taken place, encourage worship
b. Pray positively
c. Atmosphere of praise and worship
d. Avoid distracting practices
e. Laying on of hands (preferably by a minister) at key moment, to focus faith
5. Instructions
a. Before prayer or in middle of prayer (if lack of progress)
b. Use the Word
c. God loves you, wants to forgive you and give you His Spirit
d. Two requirements: repentance and faith
e. Genuine repentance: sorrow, surrender, desire
f. Genuine faith: trust, claiming God's promise, yielding to Spirit
g. Do not 'teach' speaking in tongues, but how to yield
6. End of prayer
a. If they have not received: encourage to continue
i. God's promise will come to pass
ii. If repented, then water baptism
b. If they have received: confirm
i. How do you feel? What happened?
ii. Explain tongues if necessary
iii. Importance of assurance, faithfulness, follow-up