Ministerial Development - Management Principles - Lesson 14 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 14. Management Principles

A. Planning
1. Estimate
2. Establish mission statement, goals, objectives
3. Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT)
4. Develop policies: standard answers to recurring questions
5. Establish procedures: standard methods of work
6. Schedule: time
7. Budget: money and other resources

B. Organizing
1. Develop organizational structures
2. Delegate
a. Authority
b. Responsibility
c. Line of accountability
3. Establish relationships

C. Leading
1. Make decisions
2. Communicate
3. Motivate
a. Inspire with vision
b. Involve people in setting of goals so they claim the vision as their own
c. Use positive reinforcement, appreciation, recognition
4. Select people
5. Develop people: be a good steward of them and their gifts

D. Controlling
1. Establish performance standards
2. Measure performance (assessment)
3. Evaluate performance
4. Correct performance (closing the loop)