Happy Acres Teacher Manual (KPH)(PDF)

by Kids Power Hour
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Join Granny B and Homer in the garden (creation), in the fields praising God (the Holy Ghost), and in the orchard learning to be fruitful (fruit of the Spirit). Activities, games, songs, scripts, illustrated children's sermons - everything you need for an exciting hour of children's church - is provided. In addition to lessons for a full 13-week quarter, Happy Acres includes special helps to turn Unit 3 into a vacation Bible school program.

A CD containing songs mentioned throughout the lessons is also available.

Happy Acres
Décor: Garden
Characters: Granny B, Homer

Unit One: In the Garden (Doctrine)
1. A World for Me (Creation)
2. Welcome to My World (God Becomes Man)
3. A World of Love (Nicodemus Visits Jesus)
4. Out of This World (Heaven)
Unit Two: In the Fields (Christian Growth)
5. Prepare the Soil (The Parable of the Sower)
6. Plant the Seed (Seed Thoughts)
7. Praise God for the Rain (Holy Ghost)
8. Promises for the Sower (The Bountiful Harvest)
Unit Three: In the Orchard (Attitudes)
9. Fruitful (The Fruit of the Spirit)
10. Peaceful (Isaac Refuses to Quarrel)
11. Merciful (The Unmerciful Servant)
12. Careful (Ruth Takes Care of Naomi)
13. Baskets Full (The Little Lad’s Lunch)