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Elements Master Bundle

by Word Aflame Press
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ISBN: 9780757761256
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Elements is an all-new new convert's program designed to help your church retain new believers and ground them in the Word of God. What's unique about Elements?

  • Elements is built from the outline and courses taught by General Superintendent David K. Bernard while pastor in Austin, TX
  • Elements includes a module to help new believers develop life skills.
  • Elements features a format to involve newcomers in self-discovery learning from God’s Word.

  • Elements brings a measure of excellence with first-class materials.

The Elements Master Bundle includes:

  • 4 Leader's Guides (one for each Module)
  • 20 Participant's Guides (5 for each Module)
  • 1 Elements Media USB
  • 20 Completion Certificates (5 for each Module)