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UPCI Licensing and Ordination

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  • The UPCI Licensing and Ordination program is designed to help equip new ministers, or ministers moving to a new level of licensure, for the next phase of their ministry.
  • The UPCI Licensing and Ordination program is not a Bible college and does not seek to interfere with the progress of educational institutions. Its emphasis is training—not education.
  • Each credentialing level consists of 10 courses.
  • The costs of each course is $35.00 and includes an eBook of the textbook, the video course and the assessment.
  • Upon completion of each class you will be issued a certificate of completion, once you complete all ten classes in the course you will need to print the transcript of your grades and give it to your Sectional Presbyter or District Superintendent before meeting your District's Board.

Launch Your Ministry

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  • Launch Your Ministry (LYM) was designed to help men and women position themselves to receive a call to ministry.
  • LYM is an effort to lead and inspire men and women into ministry, and to give their leaders tools to effectively train them via web based training materials.
  • LYM strives to open doors for men and women, moving them into active ministry by removing barriers to start churches, daughter works, evangelists, missionaries and preaching points
  • Currently LYM consists of 55 videos on various subjects related to ministry and the call of God. Each video is 15-20 minutes in length.
  • Because LYM is considered a ministry there is no cost to enroll.
  • Aspiring ministers who complete the LYM training will receive a certificate through the website and may be eligible to receive a Christian Worker’s License through their pastor.

Continuing Education

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  • The Continuing Education program is designed to further equip seasoned ministers for the various aspects of ministry they face.
  • The ongoing training provided through this resource will enable ministers to sharpen their sickle and select individual sessions that address their specific ministry needs.
  • The Continuing Education program has approximately 55 videos on various aspects of ministry. Each video is 15-20 minutes in length. New videos will be added monthly.
  • The costs to participate in the Continuing Education program is $9 per month.

Church Planters University

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  • Church Planters University is facilitated by North American Missions and powered by Ministry Central.
  • The program is based on the principle of plowing, planting and reaping.
  • CPU prepares church planters to effectively plant and grow churches throughout North America.

UPCI Music Ministry

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  • Developed to provide training, tools and resources that will empower your team, improve your musical skills and help you build a thriving worship program.
  • Training is available in the areas of piano/keyboard, aux keys, drums, bass, guitar, organ, vocals, sound, loops/tracks and theory from some of the most prominent and talented musicians and technicians in the UPCI.
  • Two memberships are available to encourage both individuals and music teams, Basic and Premium.

Sunday School Teacher Training Program

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  • Developed by the General Sunday School Division.
  • Receive a Sunday School Teacher Certification from the General Sunday School Division of the United Pentecostal Church International..
  • Enjoy training focused on specialized ministry, a panoramic view of the Bible, and Bible Doctrine.
  • Designed to sharper your skills as a teacher and deepen your knowledge of the Word.
  • This training is required to receive Christmas For Christ funds.