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Wilderness Trek - CD - KPH

by Kids Power Hour
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Take a journey of faith with our faith-full scout, Faith-Knows-the-Way, and her trapper friend, Francois du Believe. This CD contains songs, sound effects, Scripture readings and puppet skits mentioned in the Wilderness Trek manual, with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions. These recordings will save hours of preparation time and add dramatic effect to the services.

More Info about A Wilderness Trek

Tracks include: Faith, Faith, Faith, Just a Little Bit of Faith * I'm Faith Full * Faith Can Move Mountains * Count Your Blessings * Showers of Blessings * I Can Run through a Troop * Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain * Great Is the Lord * Ain't God Good? * Thanks, Thanks, I Give You Thanks * Bind Us Together * I Have Decided to Follow Jesus * I've Got the Holy Ghost Down in My Soul * It's for Me, It's for You * Jesus on the Inside