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Whistling in the Dark - ... and a Dozen More Circuit-riding Sermons

by LaJoyce Martin
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On April 7, 2011, I suffered a stroke that ended twenty-three years of the 'circuit-riding ministry' to which God called me. I was privileged to give more than five hundred messages to schools, libraries, nursing homes, clubs, seminars, retreats, and various religious groups.
My size-twelve shoes stood on the sod of every state in the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and on Canada and several overseas areas. I met scads of wonderful folks, experiencing many sights, flights, and frights! Life has been a great trip.
I feel truly blessed. The stroke affected my left side, but since I am right-handed, I can still write.
Some of you have my sermons on tape or CD, and others haven't. For the 'haven'ts,' I am offering this book of the rather unpolished lessons, much as I spoke them, since I can no longer present them in person.
May you be inspired and uplifted.
- LaJoyce Martin