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UPright Children Teacher Manual - KPH

by Kids Power Hour
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Ace, the clown, travels in a hot-air balloon to learn how to 'Wise UP' (doctrine), 'Grow UP' (relationships), and 'Measure UP' (godly principles.) Great for developing UPright children.

Activities, games, songs, scripts, illustrated children's sermons - everything you need for an exciting hour of children's church - is provided.

A CD containing songs mentioned throughout the lessons is also available.

More Info about UPright Children

Décor: Hot Air Balloons
Characters: Ace the Clown

Unit One: Wise UP (Doctrine)
1. The Lord Is One (The Birth of Christ)
2. Have Faith in God (Jesus Heals the Blind Man)
3. Ye Must Be Born Again (Nicodemus Visits Jesus)
4. UP and Away (The Rapture)
Unit Two: Grow UP (Relationships)
5. A Family Breaks UP (Relationships with Family)
6. A Slave Looks UP (Relationships with God)
7. A Prisoner Moves UP (Relationships with the World)
8. A Prince Opens UP (Mending Relationships)
Unit Three: Measure UP (Godly Principles)
9. Only One God (The Golden Calf)
10. Handle with Care (Elijah on Mount Carmel)
11. Honor Mom and Dad (Absalom’s Rebellion)
12. It’s Not Yours (Naboth’s Vineyard)
13. ’Fess UP (Jacob Lies to Isaac)