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Upright Children - CD - KPH

by Kids Power Hour
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Ace, the clown, travels in a hot-air balloon to learn how to 'Wise UP' (doctrine), 'Grow UP' (relationships), and 'Measure UP' (godly principles.) This CD contains songs, sound effects, Scripture readings and puppet skits mentioned in the UPright Children manual, with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions. These recordings will save hours of preparation time and add dramatic effect to the services.

More Info about UPright Children

Tracks include: UPright Children * John 3:5 * Matthew 21:22 * Ye Must Be Born Again * I'm Going Up* What God Wants to See * The Perfect Ten * Count Your Blessings * The Night the Angels Sang * Miracle at Zoo Street * Brain Bogglers * Watching the Sky * A Prisoner Moves Up * The Ten Commandments * Naboth's Vineyard * Drum Roll