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The Revelatory Name of God

by James Hogsten
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Oneness Pentecostals are committed to the name of Jesus in a way that seems 'radical' to most of Christendom. Indeed, they preach about 'the name,' sing about 'the name,' and exclusively use 'the name' in water baptism. Yet, despite this devotion to the name of Jesus, very few books have been written that are devoted to a Christocentric study of the revelatory name of God.

This work is designed to be a scholarly examination of the progressive revelation of God's name and its culmination in the person and name of Jesus. While the subject of God's name is extraneous to most post-modern believers, the doctrine of God's name was an important feature of ancient Judaism and the early Apostolic Church.

In keeping with the early church, Oneness Pentecostals (i.e., UPCI, ALJC, PAW) believe that a proper understanding of God's name and its culmination in the name of Jesus is a critical 'key' to ascertaining God's identity in the person of Jesus Christ.