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Searching for Baby Noah

by Elizabeth Motes
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Forced to abandon her newborn, Nicole Davenport named him Baby Noah and placed him on the doorstep of an elaborate home with an attached note. At the age of six months, the child was adopted by loving, Christian parents. Keeping his name given by the birth mother, his new parents named him David Noah. Just as David began kindergarten at age five, his parents were killed in a plane crash, leaving no relatives to raise David. He became a ward of the state and was taken from the woman he called 'Mam-maw,' a lady from his church who lived across the street from him. Moving from one foster home after another, David grieved for his Mam-maw, Juanita Davenport. Juanita was crushed and heartbroken. She promised David she would find him as he was pulled from her arms. Can she keep that promise? Can David emotionally survive the abuse he suffers? Will the Jesus Mam-maw talked about rescue him? Follow David as his childlike faith in his mam-maw's promise to find him never wavers.