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Recommended Reading for 2022- Kit

Word Aflame Press
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The 2022 recommended reading list includes recommendations from four key UPCI leaders and includes 12 ministry related books for professional development, growth, and continuing education.

Recommended by David K. Bernard

  • Successful Succession by Garry Tracy
  • Restoring Love: Overcoming Abuse, Shame and Unnatural Affection by Tina Royer
  • Acts 2:38 by David Norris

Recommended by David Norris

  • Spiritual Leadership in the 21st Century by David K. Bernard
  • Ten Words by LJ Harry
  • I Think I’m Called by Gary Dornbach

Recommended by D.J. Hill

  • Churchwork by Rodney Shaw
  • Apostolic Family by Family Ministries Counsel
  • First Words Fitly Spoken by Urshan/Word Aflame

Recommended by Scott Graham

  • Miracle by William Turner
  • Independence is Overrated by Travis Miller
  • The Art Gallery by Stanley Davidson