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Real Life Sanctuary - CD - Kids Power Hour

by Kids Power Hour
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There is no better sanctuary, no safer place than in His presence. Real Life Sanctuary is a wildlife refuge that offers help and care for injured, sick, and orphaned animals.
This CD is intended to supplement the Real Life Sanctuary teaching manual. It contains songs suggested in the manual, with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions. These recordings will save hours of preparation time and add dramatic effect to the services.

More Info about Real Life Sanctuary

CD tracks include: Welcome to This Sanctuary * Let's Get In * This Is God's House * Waiting * Lord, I Will Wait on You * The Name of the Lord * Get Up * Victory * Peace, Peace * I Am Strong in the Lord * Happy All the Time * The Johnny Appleseed Song * If You Believe * Cadence * Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John * One Door, and Only One