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Primary Teacher Manual Summer 2020

by Word Aflame Primary
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Summer Topic: God’s Kingdom (I and II Kings)
Décor: The Repair Shop

The mighty exploits God performed through Elijah and Elisha are not just exciting stories to capture children’s imagination; these accounts show us that our faithful God has a plan for His people. Over the course of these memorable lessons, children will encounter the mending, healing, and restoring love of God as they are equipped to navigate life.

Primary students (third and fourth grade) are at a critical age where establishing strong biblical foundations are key. The Primary curriculum targets these students with an emphasis on building a basis of doctrinal truths over the course of the thirteen weeks of material provided in this resource.

The teacher’s manual is designed with easy-to-navigate section headings so teachers can move through the lesson with ease. Lessons feature hands-on activities and discussion questions that challenge students to internalize and apply biblical truth in their lives.

In addition to a Primary Teacher’s Manual for each teacher, Word Aflame recommends one Primary Activity Paper per student, as well as one Primary Resource Packet per class. When you purchase the teacher’s manual, you will find an access code inside that allows you to download free digital versions (PDFs and Word documents) of the manual for customization and study on the go through your electronic devices.