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Orbis The Fun Family Game You Win by Blessing Your World

by Lori Wagner
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Orbis is a “reverse monopoly” game designed to engage hearts and minds in the work of the Great Commission. Players win by serving others as they participate in missions + ministry work, disaster relief, and compassion efforts locally and around the globe. Ages 10 and up. 2-4 players.

Players roll a die to travel the track around the game board. Each turn a player lands on a space where they either raise funds, pay expenses or draw a Compassion in Action card that launches them on a global or local adventure. Simple to learn, and easy to play, a quick look at the rules will get the game going. The self-guiding board and cards keep things moving in fast-paced fun.

1 Orbis backpack game case (so you can 'go ye into all the world!')
1 Vibrantly colored game board printed on rubber-backed, heavy-duty fabric that rolls up like a map
4 Meeples: 1 each of red, blue, green and yellow
40 cube-shaped wooden tokens: 10 each of red, blue, green and yellow
Play money in 4 denominations: $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000
72 Compassion in Action Cards: 23 Disaster Relief, 23 Helping Hands, 23 Missions + Ministry and 3 Bonus cards
1 Die

Suitable for individual or team play. Great classroom or homeschool resource.