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Oneness Pentecostal Thematic Studies Volume 1

by James Hogsten
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The Oneness Pentecostal Movement is neither a new innovation nor is it a revival of ancient heresy. Rather, the Oneness Movement represents a return to the pristine Apostolic Faith embraced and promulgated by the early church.

Volume 1 of Oneness Pentecostal Thematic Studies contains a selection of five studies examining the Hebraic foundations of this great movement. The purpose of this collection is to demonstrate that the Oneness view of God is consistent with the historic Hebrew-Christian faith of the New Testament.

In addition, an effort is made to show that the Oneness Movement is not an aberrant form of Christianity but more accurately reflects the teachings of the pristine Apostolic Church. It is the author's prayer this work will facilitate a more amiable atmosphere for exchange between Oneness and Trinitarians than has been exhibited in the past.