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Lost Memories of Eden

by William Chalfant
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ISBN: 9781436311205
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Noah must do much more than simply build a huge ship in this novel of fantasy and adventure. When Noah is born, his father Lamech believes that his young wife, the beautiful teenager Bathenosh, had an affair with a tall, dark stranger, whom she met on their farm about the time of Noah's conception. The tall, dark stranger is a fallen angel named Samhazi, who has cloned for himself a human body. He is torn between his demonic rebellion and his human love for the captivating dark-haired Bathenosh. When Noah is grown, Samhazi returns and abducts Noah's young mother, who is entranced by him. He is part of a group of 200 fallen angels from the constellation Orion, who have assumed human bodies, and who desire to rule over ancient mankind. It looks like they will succeed. Only the daring boldness of the young Noah stands in their way. He and the patriarchs are inspired by the 'memories of the Garden of Eden,' which they are determined shall not be lost or destroyed.The fallen angels desire to control the earth and to have women as companions. Noah resists their demonic activities by forcefully taking his lovely mother away from Samhazi. Noah's pretty Cainite wife Naamah stands by Noah's side, but even she temporarily falls under the spell of the enigmatic Samhazi, although she resists him. Finally, the fallen angels attempt to burn down the ark. The future of antediluvian mankind hangs in the balance as Noah defends the great ark from destruction.