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In the Presence of His Glory - An Exposition of the General Epistles

by E. L. Holley
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James, Peter, John, and Jude were outstanding men of God in the New Testament church.They wrote insightful, hard-hitting epistles to their fellow Christians.Their words have been preserved because they are as relevant today as when they were composed in the first century. E. L. Holley walks us through these New Testament letters verse by verse with salient comments and insights. It is as if he was looking over their shoulders as they wrote. This new exposition of the General Epistles by a master teacher will be a welcome addition to any minister's library. This was a portion of the Scriptures he dearly loved to teach from. You will love them more than ever also after you have been guided through them by Brother Holley. No minister or Sunday school teacher should be without these valuable words from a genuine wordsmith of our time.