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From Grief to Grace

by Denisha Karme' Patterson
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This assignment from God overwhelmed my heart in a way that made me excited and terrified all at the same time. This book is meant to encourage and inspire someone to dream big. Childhood disappointments can be devastatingly traumatic and mold our character as we grow. Do we allow it to conquer us or do we rise up as a warrior and fight for a better life?

From grief to grace was written through experiencing rejection, insecurities, self-doubt and heartache. Happiness and confidence were the final destination! To get there, I had to let my open wounds heal and become scars. Defeat was not an option and now my purpose is to bring hope into the lives of anyone who feels unworthy.

You are enough. Grace has covered you. Take a giant leap of faith with me and step into the life God desires you to live.