Christians and Strongholds: Breaking Free and Staying Free From Internal Captivity

by Kim Haney
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Something had changed inside of me. I looked the same; I tried to act as if nothing had changed, but the ghost of misery and torment haunted me deeply inside. It was this way everywhere I went. I began to hate myself for what I had become... whatever that was and however I got there.

Nobody knew I was going through this.

What was wrong with me? How could I break free from these overwhelming feelings and emotions that were controlling who I was? How did I ever get to this place?

Little did I know, I was getting ready to understand the power of strongholds.

Let's get real. Some elements of our behavior and thought process stem from issues in our lives such as hurt, anger, bitterness, jealousy, resentment and pride. Many times we are taught just to 'pray through' or 'deal with' the symptoms and never get to the root of these issues. While we are busy trying to cure the symptoms, stone upon stone, the walls of internal bondage are being built. We do not even recognize what's happening.

Through the pages of this book, may God reveal to you the truth and responsibility you need to grasp to fulfill the actually change...God's way.